Discover the Best Places to Exchange Money in Helsinki


Best Places to Exchange Money in Helsinki

Planning a trip to Helsinki and wondering where to exchange your currency? Look no further! In this article, we will guide you to the best places in the Finnish capital to exchange your money. Whether you’re looking for convenience, competitive rates, or reliable service, Helsinki has got you covered.

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1. Banks: Banks in Helsinki are a safe and convenient option for exchanging money. With multiple branches throughout the city, you can easily find a bank near your accommodation or tourist attractions. Banks usually offer competitive exchange rates and reliable service. However, keep in mind that they may have limited opening hours, especially during weekends and public holidays.

2. Currency Exchange Offices: Currency exchange offices can be found in popular tourist areas and transportation hubs such as airports and train stations. While they offer extended opening hours, convenience comes with a price. Exchange rates at these offices are often less favorable compared to banks. It’s advisable to compare rates between different exchange offices to get the best deal.

3. ATMs: Another convenient way to obtain local currency in Helsinki is by withdrawing cash from ATMs. Most ATMs in the city accept major credit and debit cards. While this method is convenient, keep in mind that your card provider may charge foreign transaction fees and the exchange rate offered by the ATM may not be the most competitive.

Before exchanging your money in Helsinki, it’s recommended to check the current exchange rates and inquire about any fees or commissions that may apply. Additionally, consider exchanging a small amount of money at a time to avoid carrying large sums of cash.

In conclusion, Helsinki offers a variety of options for exchanging money, from banks to currency exchange offices and ATMs. The choice depends on your preferences and priorities, whether it’s competitive rates, convenience, or reliability. Remember to compare rates and inquire about fees before making your decision. Enjoy your trip to Helsinki!

Top Money Exchange Locations in Helsinki

When visiting Helsinki, it’s important to find the best places to exchange your money. Here are some top locations in the city:

1. Currency Exchange Helsinki

This exchange office is located in the city center and offers competitive rates for various currencies. They also provide reliable and efficient service.

2. Forex Bank

Forex Bank is a popular choice for currency exchange in Helsinki. They have multiple branches throughout the city and offer convenient hours of operation.

3. Central Train Station

The Helsinki Central Train Station is not only a transportation hub but also a great place to exchange money. There are several exchange offices located inside the station, making it convenient for travelers.

4. Helsinki-Vantaa Airport

If you prefer to exchange money at the airport, Helsinki-Vantaa Airport has several exchange offices available. Keep in mind that rates may be slightly higher compared to other locations in the city.

5. Banks

Most major banks in Helsinki offer currency exchange services. This can be a convenient option if you already have an account with a local bank. However, be aware that banks may have limited hours of operation.

Overall, when exchanging money in Helsinki, it’s important to compare rates and fees at different locations to ensure you get the best deal. Additionally, consider using a currency converter app or checking online rates before making any exchanges.

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Helsinki Central Railway Station

The Helsinki Central Railway Station, also known as Helsingin päärautatieasema in Finnish, is a major transportation hub in Helsinki, Finland. It is located in the city center and serves as a gateway for both domestic and international travelers.

The railway station is not only a transportation hub but also a popular tourist attraction. The building itself is an architectural masterpiece, designed by Eliel Saarinen and completed in 1919. Its distinctive clock tower and granite facade make it a recognizable landmark in the city.

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Inside the station, you will find a range of facilities and services, including ticket counters, waiting areas, luggage storage, and various shops and restaurants. There are also information desks available to assist travelers with any inquiries they may have.

If you are looking to exchange money, there are several currency exchange offices located within the railway station. These exchange offices offer competitive rates and convenient services for travelers who need to convert their currency. It is recommended to compare rates and fees before making any transactions.

In addition to currency exchange offices, there are also ATMs available throughout the station, allowing you to withdraw cash in the local currency. However, be aware of any potential fees or charges associated with using foreign ATMs.

Overall, the Helsinki Central Railway Station is a convenient and reliable place to exchange money while visiting the city. Whether you need to convert currency or withdraw cash from an ATM, the station provides a range of options to suit your needs.

Helsinki-Vantaa Airport

If you’re flying into Helsinki, the most convenient place to exchange money is Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. The airport has several currency exchange offices located throughout its terminals, making it easy to find one as soon as you arrive.

One of the advantages of exchanging money at the airport is that the exchange rates offered are often competitive. However, keep in mind that airport exchange services may also charge higher fees compared to other places in the city.

It’s a good idea to compare the rates and fees of different exchange offices at the airport before making a decision. Some offices may offer better rates but charge higher fees, while others may have lower fees but less favorable exchange rates.

If you’re unsure about which currency exchange office to choose, you can always ask the airport staff for recommendations. They can provide information about the various options available and help you make a decision based on your specific needs.

In addition to currency exchange offices, Helsinki-Vantaa Airport also has ATMs where you can withdraw cash in the local currency. However, keep in mind that some ATMs may charge withdrawal fees, especially if you’re using a foreign card.

If you prefer to have cash on hand as soon as you arrive in Helsinki, exchanging money at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport is a convenient option. Just make sure to compare the rates and fees of different exchange offices to ensure you’re getting the best deal.


Where can I find the best currency exchange rates in Helsinki?

The best currency exchange rates in Helsinki can be found at the larger banks and foreign exchange offices in the city center. They typically offer competitive rates and have a wide variety of currencies available.

Are there any currency exchange offices open on weekends in Helsinki?

Yes, there are currency exchange offices in Helsinki that are open on weekends. Some larger banks and exchange offices in the city center have extended hours on Saturdays, while a few smaller ones are also open on Sundays.

What are the fees involved in exchanging money in Helsinki?

The fees involved in exchanging money in Helsinki can vary depending on where you exchange your currency. Banks often charge a commission or a fee for exchanging money, while some exchange offices may offer lower fees or no fees at all. It’s important to compare the rates and fees at different places before making your exchange.

Can I use my credit card instead of exchanging money in Helsinki?

Yes, most places in Helsinki accept credit cards, including hotels, restaurants, and shops. However, it’s always a good idea to have some cash on hand for smaller establishments or in case of any emergencies. It’s also worth noting that some places may charge a fee for credit card transactions, so it’s best to check with your bank beforehand.

Is it better to exchange money before I arrive in Helsinki?

It can be more convenient to exchange a small amount of money before you arrive in Helsinki, so you have cash for immediate expenses like transportation. However, it’s usually better to exchange most of your money in Helsinki, as you can usually get better rates and lower fees by doing so.

Where can I exchange money in Helsinki?

In Helsinki, you can exchange money at various locations such as banks, currency exchange offices, and some hotels.

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